China is a big producer and exporter of abrasives and abrasive tools, especially the abrasives which take the dominant part in the world. Its conventional abrasives take a share about 65% of the global market, and the synthetic diamond, about 90% (of which 80% is produced by Henan Province). Zhengzhou is the center of the abrasives industry, also the cradle and gather palace of superhard material industry in China. It has a series of advantages in industrialization, human resources, research and development, technology, information, market and industrial service management, etc.

Abrasives are world-known as "the tooth of industry". They are directly bound up with the industries of equipment manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, new energy, auto, household appliance and electronics information, and even influence all aspects of people's life. Modern industry can not survival nor develop without abrasives. Advanced abrasives have a great stimulative effect upon energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, efficiency enhancement, low-carbon economy and the sustainable development of the national economy.

China's program of adjusting and developing the ten major industries and the new decision of accelerating the development of seven strategic emerging industries request a higher level of the grinding and cutting tools as well as their technology development for modern advanced manufacturing. "China International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition" is holding just in time. It will make a platform for abrasives manufacturers and users at home and abroad by exhibiting products and organizing related activities, provide channels for investment, trade and exchange of information and promote modern manufacture technology and product upgrades.

High efficiency grinding and cutting           Environmental manufacturing


Lead the harmonious development of the whole chain of the abrasives industry, promote the products upgrade, expand the application area over the world and benefit the users, build a more beautiful world with advanced abrasives!